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Advanced Forms - Prestashop Addon

Your custom forms

This module allows you to easily create forms on your Prestashop store to better know and understand your customers, develop surveys, customer product reviews , testimonials, etc ...


Forms can be grafted onto various attachment points where everyone can have a dedicated page.


Each form can contain fields of different types:

  • Plain text
  • Multiline text
  • Combo
  • Unique choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Rating 5 stars


Invite your customers to participate

You can configure campaigns invitations to offer your customers come to participate in forms.

Invitations are automatically sent by email, they contain links to forms, and are totally customizable for each form / campaign.


Invitations are sent to customers who meet the criteria , eg N days after the status " Delivered " .

When customers respond to an invitation from a marker indicates that the invitation to meet its objective.


Collect responses from your customers

You are alerted answers through a system of notifications in the back office . You can also be notified of responses by email .


Give your customers the answers

The module allows to publish the answers if necessary and moderate these responses.


Opportunities forms

The ability to create forms opens a very large number of possibilities. Examples of uses:

  • A survey open to visitors
  • Customer testimonials
  • Opinions of customers about products
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Quote request


For customers reviews

The module is designed to facilitate and optimize the management of customer opinions on products through its rating system in 5 stars, the publication of the average and opinions on the products .

Campaign automatic emails then invites customers to give their opinions on a specific purchase .


Features :

  • Management of custom forms
  • Field management
  • Management of automatic invitations by email
  • Response management
  • Reporting System
  • Moderation system
  • Management of customer opinions on products
  • Cache optimized

Demonstration :

Access to back-office :

See Preferences > Forms

Access to back-office


Login :

Password : demodemo


Accès to front office :


Access to front-office

Installation :

This module can be installed in 1 click.


Just copy the module folder in the "/ modules" to the root of Prestashop folder, then click on "Install" in the "Modules" in your back office.


It is possible that the installation fails. If this is the case, do not panic, this is a special case due to the development of your site. Thank you contact our support so that we can installions module free.




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  • Langues : FR EN
  • Compliant with :
    Prestashop V1.5 Prestashop V1.5
    Prestashop V1.6 Prestashop V1.6

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