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Gifts based on loyalty points - Prestashop Addon

Create a Gift Shop

This module allows you to offer a gifts to your clients as do large retail space.


Through their loyalty points already acquired over their orders, customers can order gifts according to their desires.


Gift products have value loyalty points rather than conventional currency.


This module works with the loyalty module Prestashop and points already acquired customers are directly used to order gifts.


This feature allows you to create a category "Gift Area" and create products that are gifts. This keeps the presentation of products for gifts, keep inventory management and all other product properties.


Naturally, this module proposes to define a product must be considered a gift and are used to set prices in loyalty points.


Next site, prices gifts are displayed loyalty points, not currency.


When ordering gifts, loyalty points are deducted from the total points available to the customer.


In case of refund of customer loyalty points are automatically re-credited to his account.


Features :

  • Management products as gifts.
  • Amount of gift reward points.
  • Gifts are presented as products.
  • Automatic scoring.
  • Reimbursement management.
  • Works on Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6


Prerequisites :

  • You must have intalled module Prestashop loyalty to view this module.


Installation :

This module can be installed in 1 click but leads to some small setup of your store. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me by email.


To install this module, simply copy the module folder in the "/ modules" to the root of Prestashop folder, then click "Install" in the "Modules" in your back office.


It is possible that the installation fails. If this is the case, do not panic, it is a special case due to the development of your site. Thank you contact me via the contact form so that I will assist you free of charge.

Demonstration :

Access to back-office:

Access to back-office demonstration


The login and password are pre-entered. You can directly click "Login".


Access to Front-office :


The identifiers are pre-entered. You can directly click "Log in" and then on "Login".


Access to shop demonstration



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  • Langues : FR EN
  • Compliant with :
    Prestashop V1.5 Prestashop V1.5
    Prestashop V1.6 Prestashop V1.6

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