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Archiving orders with Prestashop

Presentation :

Over the sales, orders accumulate in Prestashop and it becomes difficult to have visibility of orders "in process" as they mingle with the "completed" orders.


This module allows you to set the order status tell "completed", and filter commands in the command list.

A button "View Archives" toggles on orders "completed".


By default, the status "Delivered", "Cancelled" and "paid" are configured as "finished" commands, but you can change the configuration.


No data is changed. Orders are simply filtered and button toggles orders "in progress" to "archive".

This allows you to get a clear view of current orders with automatic filtering of all your orders "Delivered", "Cancelled" and "Redeemed".


Features :

  • Clear display orders "In progress".
  • Clear display orders "Completed".
  • Button to toggle commands to archives.
  • Configuring order status "Archived".


Demonstration :

Access to back-office


Access the back-office demo



Password: demodemo


Access to the front office:


Access to the demonstration site



Password: demodemo

Installation :

This module can be installed in 1 click.


Just copy the module folder in the "/ modules" to the root of Prestashop folder, then click on "Install" in the "Modules" in your back office.


It is possible that the installation fails. If this is the case, do not panic, this is a special case due to the development of your site. Thank you contact our support so that we can installions module free.




Use :

After installing the module, you can configure the statutes that determine the "Completed" orders.


A button appears in the list of commands and toggles orders over archives.


5 / 5 Achat indispensable.

Module absolument indispensable à toute boutique PrestaShop. Permet un archivage des commandes du back office selon vos critères de tri/statut des commandes. Assistance sérieuse et efficace par un développeur soucieux de ses clients. Achat indispensable.

Published 2016-05-11 17:11:19 by Dybex

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  • Langues : FR EN
  • Compliant with :
    Prestashop V1.5 Prestashop V1.5
    Prestashop V1.6 Prestashop V1.6
    Prestashop V1.7 Prestashop V1.7

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