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Advanced CMS - Prestashop Addon

Advanced content management

The advanced management module content is a creative tool that allows you to build and easily manage the contents of your shopping Prestashop .


It is an essential tool for directors, designers , integrators, communicating and SEOs .


Unlike traditional Prestashop modules that often display an element , such as a slider or a menu, this module allows you to have blocks of different types on all attachment points and CMS pages and pages categories.


Blocks can contain different modules minis as rich text , HTML , thumbnails , links, a horizontal menu, a rich drop -down menu , an accordion and modules for the blog part .


Responsive layout design

The blocks are positioned and dimensioned using the grid system in Prestashop 1.5 and the grid system used in Bootstrap Prestashop 1.6.


Through the operation by Grids , blocks automatically adapt to the themes of " responsive design " and are responsives .


Rich menu

The module integrates two types of menus.


The first is the same as the default.


The second is much richer and allows you to create multi-column menus in the survey.



This module incorporates a blog that lets you communicate with your customers. This is a very good way to improve the ranking of a shop .


File Manager

A bootloader file allows easy access to public documents. This is a simple tool to upload documents of all kinds in order to make download links.


Construction footer

This module allows you to easily and visually build your footer by placing blocks of links or other elements. The operation is the same for all other attachment points of the site as the content of the home page, the columns left or right, etc. ...


Management advertisements

Given that the site locations become easily modifiable and it is possible to embed HTML code in blocks , it is possible to place advertisements from all affiliate stations .


Similarly , it is possible to place the HTML code from any website such as Youtube and Soundcloud .


SEO Optimized

This module has been developed in accordance with recommendations from Google about content management .

Management links, tags and attributes allow to obtain very good results in SEO .


Features :

  • Content Management Responsive design
  • Management of rich text, HTML code, thumbnails
  • Management links, sliders
  • Management simple menu
  • Management rich menu
  • Management accordion ( To eg FAQ )
  • Management Blog
  • Layout on all hooks Points ( Home , footer , columns, etc ...)
  • Layout on lespages CMS
  • Las layout on category pages
  • Multi- languages
  • Multi- shops


Installation :

This module can be installed in 1 click.


Just copy the module folder in the "/ modules" to the root of Prestashop folder, then click on "Install" in the "Modules" in your back office.


It is possible that the installation fails. If this is the case, do not panic, this is a special case due to the development of your site. Thank you contact our support so that we can installions module free.




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  • Langues : FR EN
  • Compliant with :
    Prestashop V1.5 Prestashop V1.5
    Prestashop V1.6 Prestashop V1.6
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