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Questions Answers product - Prestashop Module

Encourage clients to ask a question

The module Questions / Answers on the products allows to make your customers ask if they have any doubt, this has the effect of creating interest in your products and increase sales !

A customer who has a question about a product generally do not take the risk to buy it.


The customer asks his question and leaves his email address to receive a direct answer. You receive a notification email that warns you that a new issue has been raised, allowing you to respond quickly to retain all customer attention.


When you answer an option to directly send the response by mail to the customer.


You can publish questions / answers on the product file in question which has the effect of improving SEO and respond to questions in advance of the next visitors.


It is possible to add questions / answers from the product descriptions in the administration interface to anticipate questions or add to the FAQ.


Features :

  • Encourages customers to ask questions about products
  • To publish the questions and answers on the products
  • Notification of the issue by email
  • Sending the answer by mail to the customer



Works on Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6

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The questions are anonymous.

The email address is used only for the answer. It will not be published or used.

  • Langues : FR EN
  • Compliant with :
    Prestashop V1.5 Prestashop V1.5
    Prestashop V1.6 Prestashop V1.6

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